A Love Letter to my Descendants

100 Day Project

Dearest Grands, Greats and Beyond,

How fitting that this transformative 100 days ends with you in my heart. You are the rest of me, pieces of my soul that you will carry forward in this life to make way for the grandest and greatest light. It is you dear one. Formed from my womb’s womb, you were born with the purpose to shine your light into this world. And in my most comfortable position, I am quiet in the shadows interceding on your behalf. I am beaming with delight and eternally searching for ways to remind you that you are the beloved. Always and forever.

You are known.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5).

You are love sweet one. A child of God, fully seen and heard, and meant for greatness. And in your human lineage you come from deep, imperfect, awe inspiring love. Those whose faith took many shapes but were rooted in the love that can only be known by intimacy with the Divine. No matter what you choose to do or not do in this life, the mistakes or victories, your standing still and movements backward and forward are made possible by a foundation of devotion. And I am confident they will carry you wherever this life guides you.

My grandparents and parents loved me more than anything, and I have chosen to bestow that same love on my children. Sacrificial, prayerful love. Know that it was a choice not an obligation; we chose to lean into the pains and joys that such love requires. There were times when that love was difficult, and we fought for it. This love is beneath you, over you and surrounds you; you may not even understand how it makes its presence felt, but it will beckon you.

I don’t have a particularly vivid memory bank; sometimes I think God gifted me with these lapses in order that I might adequately carry so many other people’s difficult stories in my heart. And honestly, it’s not the particulars of my life that I feel called to share with you. It is the knowing. The knowing of your rootedness in this love. We are sprouted and nourished and anchored in the same trunk but we are our own branches. You will grow in so many ways, make choices throughout your life, have things happen to you that are unexpected and will make things happen that will hopefully benefit the universe. Do it in love, with big love, recklessly abandoned, overcoming love. A love that you choose and gives you hope, enables you to forgive, and propels you to be. I hope this is what my life has been.

May the gift of these writings be my whisper in your ear, my legacy of inspiration to know and be known and hopefully reveal how I lived “the greatest of these is love.” These days have been but a snapshot of my heart. There was no peculiarity or reason behind choosing this season; I heard the Divine call and accepted the invitation. To write a piece of me, what I carry in my heart, to demonstrate my value of witnessing and blessing others, and that I can only share that insofar as I have claimed it for myself in my own vulnerability.

I have no idea when you will come to be and where my being will be, but know you were thought of, prayed over and loved endlessly. You may step where I have traversed or you may find a new path but wherever you go, I will be with you. I hope I will be honored with meeting you, squeezing your cheeks, kissing your face and watching your grow. But if not, know that I lived my life focused on union with God and connection to others. The Light always wins my sweet one, and you have and always will be my sunshine.

I have always loved you,

Your Grand, Your Great and Beyond