My path in life has led me to this very sacred work.

I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in social work. In December 2013, I was licensed and certified as an independent Legacy Navigator® by Celebrations of Life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2022, I was trained as an End-of-Life Doula through the International End-of-Life Doula Association. I discovered my passion for end of life work after years in hospice care. I believe that preserving your legacy is not only about death and dying, but about honoring life and the spirit of continued living. After leaving the clinical work setting, a former co-worker called with news she was dying of cancer. “Kerri, my doctors tell me I may only have six weeks to live. Will you help me prepare…for my family? I don’t want anyone else.”

And so we began a journey.

We wrote milestone letters to her grandson that he reads on various birthdays. We created a family calendar documenting and honoring all the annual traditions the family shares. We wrote a love letter to her beloved spouse and best friend while also planning her funeral and fulfilling her final wishes.

The experience changed me.

Guiding individuals to reflect on the deeper meaning of their lives, preserving their stories, and planning for the end of life to be an act of love became my purpose.

That was ten years ago. I have walked this path with many friends, family members, and clients. Each time is a sacred honor. Discovering and communicating what matters most enhances your life and those around you infinitely.

When I’m not navigating life’s challenges, joys, and transitions with others, I am imperfectly living my best life with my superhero husband, four inspiring children, and rowdy pups, and passionately volunteering in my community.

The heart of my practice


I actively choose to be guided by the presence of a divine power. I respect the sacredness of life’s transitions, particularly the emotional and spiritual journey from this physical life to the next.

Sacred Presence

I bring a calming, compassionate presence to sacred moments and circumstances. I welcome, hold space for, and validate the array of emotions that life reflection, death, impending loss, and grief evokes.

Active Listening

I encourage, foster, and facilitate open and thoughtful communication through deep, active listening. I listen to understand, not to fix.


Trust is one of my deepest core values. Know that I hold every part of your story as sacred and confidential.


I celebrate the story of your life without judgment or comparison. You belong, and your life and legacy matter.


You are the author of your life story. Expressing your heart, desires, and needs can enhance your life and has the power to deepen your relationships with others.

Education and Resources

Knowledge can be very powerful. I will educate you through my experience and provide current resources and referrals for anything outside of my scope of practice.

Kerri is one of the most intentional, kind, and life-giving women I know. She has touched my heart personally in so many ways, and I cannot thank her enough for taking time to meet with me when I needed an ear, supporting me when I have felt loss, and being an overall leader in our community.

– Stasi

Community Education

I value open communication about topics related to legacy, death, grief, and bereavement. My hope is that conversations about death and dying would be more integrated into our lives to bring deeper meaning and promote our shared human experience. I am available for speaking engagements and to facilitate conversations in places of worship, community organizations, book groups and other magnificent places people gather. Experience engaging conversation, heartfelt stories, expert knowledge, and practical advice as reminders of what matters most and the power of sharing our unique stories.

I am a certified Maxwell Leadership coach, speaker, and trainer.

Watch the video for more information. Let’s grow together.

Offerings and Pricing

My individual services are offered at $50 per hour. Following our initial conversation, a package price will be determined for group offerings and other special projects. Please inquire about my sliding scale if you have concerns about payment.

How can I support you today?