End-of-Life Planning

A soulful companion for dying well

Dearest One,

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are curious about death, dying, and grief. Perhaps you or someone you love is nearing the end of life. I see you. These are sensitive topics to explore and can evoke fear and anxiety. It’s okay to feel. You are walking in uncharted territory. Having a guide and a companion can be a comfort. I understand that what you face was uninvited and requires you to carry an assortment of emotions. I am here to hold space, listen and help ease this transition for you or your loved one. Death is a sacred act. I will hold your story in confidence and with the honored reverence it deserves.
You are not alone.


What is an end-of-life doula?

The word “doula” is derived from the Greek word “doule” meaning “a woman who serves.” Of course, today people of all genders serve as doulas, more widely known for working with birthing mothers.

The end-of-life doula companions individuals and families during the sacred transitions at this profound stage of life, working with people from all walks of life and faith traditions.

Deep, active listening is at the core of a doula’s practice to understand an individual’s perspective and to compassionately focus on a person’s specific individualized needs.

Doulas have time.

Offering emotional, spiritual, and practical support helps to “fill in the gaps” that other types of care are not designed to do. The doula has time to focus exclusively on the needs of the individual and their family during what is often an emotionally charged and challenging time.

You want to die well…with purpose, meaning, and intention.
You want your life to be remembered and celebrated.

Death can be one of our greatest and final acts of love.

My practice as a doula is based on the specific needs of the individual and their loved ones.
Services are customized following the initial conversation to determine your priorities and wishes. Offerings that may be inspired our first conversation.


Offer early grief and bereavement support.


Organize after-care ceremonies.


Promote life review which may include conversations about unfinished business, discussing regrets, expressing gratitude, and acknowledging and releasing emotions.


Create a legacy gift.


Provide referrals that are beyond the scope of a doula’s practice.


Serve as a companion to you and your loved ones.


Offer emotional, spiritual, and practical support.


Explore end-of-life wishes which may also include facilitating conversations with loved ones to communicate and fulfill your desires.


Collaborate with your hospice or other providers to ensure your end-of-life wishes are fulfilled.


Plan and/or hold vigil at the bedside.

I am not a medical, professional therefore, do not administer medication, provide medical advice, or make decisions, medical or otherwise, for you or your loved one.

I offer compassionate support, personalized planning, and sacred presence so that you and your loved ones are not alone.

I’m here. I’m listening.

There are no words to adequately thank Kerri for all that she has done for our family over the past two years, especially her guidance in the final month of Matt’s life. Her presence, words of encouragement, and seeing what needed done and doing were tremendous gifts. She helped to coordinate all of Matt’s services, helping our wishes become a reality. She is a creative, insightful, kind, loving, and holy woman.

– Stacy

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