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Letters for Life: Love, Kerri

In the hurriedness of our culture, we rarely pause to behold our lives. In this powerful debut memoir, Kerri lovingly invites us to examine our everyday lives, to look at the things and people around us and be changed. Through personal stories, reflections, and heartfelt letters you will recognize how big and small moments shape us and how the written word has the power to transform our connection with ourselves, our loved ones, future generations, and the Divine. These letters show us a pathway to empower our lives. Her raw vulnerability invites us to consider our successes and failures, love and forgiveness, joys and losses, and all that life offers in between.

May the gift of these writings be my whisper in your ear, my legacy of inspiration to know and be known and reveal how I live “the greatest of these is love.” These days have been but a snapshot of my heart. There was no peculiarity or reason behind choosing this season. I heard the Divine call and accepted the invitation. To write a piece of me, what I carry in my heart, to demonstrate my value of witnessing and blessing others. We are all vessels of light. Our beautifully imperfect stories are our greatest gifts and are what make us shine. May we accept the invitation to our most beautiful life.


Within these pages, Kerri shares not only a season of her personal writing journey, but also a glimpse into the events and relationships that have shaped her and led her to a place where she longs to encourage others to live purposefully. As you read, I hope you are inspired by Kerri’s experiences and her invitation to live a life of intention. She beckons you to notice, to behold, and to step forward.

I believe her words will encourage and inspire you. And as the best books are capable of doing, stir in you a desire to do something. I believe you will be better for allowing these words to seep deep into your soul and change your perspective. I know I am.

– Gina Boe

Dove-award winning songwriter, author, and speaker

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