Legacy Wishes


The cornerstone of our lives is about making connections with others. Creating a legacy gift is about strengthening those connections with loved ones now and with future generations. As a Legacy Navigator, I have had the honor of walking with many individuals, couples, and groups through the process of discovering what matters most. The process, the journey of reflecting on your past and articulating what is most beloved, is the beautiful work. The destination we arrive at together leads to preservation. The documenting of these discoveries and truths. For you and for others.

My presence and support help make this a life-giving journey.

Share your wisdom and experiences as a timeless gift.

Every legacy gift is as unique as the individual creating it. Together we will determine the type of gift that best reflects your heart. It is important that your gift be reflective of who you are, in your voice, and personal to you. These are but a few options that may inspire our first conversation.

Legacy Letters

Craft a letter that shares your values, beliefs, lessons, hopes, love, faith, and forgiveness. It can be shared with one individual, your family, or a meaningful group in your life.

Life Reflection stories

Capture what you value most through pivotal stories or vignettes that have influenced your thoughts, actions, and engagement with the world. These can be preserved as a single story or be written in a collection spanning various seasons of life describing your personal growth, inspiration, and wisdom gained.

Love Letters

Express the impact of love in your life through a heartfelt letter. Share how you were taught and modeled love, how you offer love to yourself and others, and your beautiful love wishes for the future.

Milestone messages

Gift messages to designated recipients that will be left behind to open during significant future events. These will be a written presence to offer guidance, support, and love when you may not be physically present.

Remembering Mementoes

Honor the life and impact of your loved ones through writings created by those touched by their presence. These legacy stories celebrate the unique qualities and cherished memories of the departed, preserving their legacy for generations to come.

End of Life Remembrances

Preserve your handwriting, traditions, and treasured possessions as meaningful keepsakes to be gifted to your loved ones. These remembrances serve as tangible reminders of the love and connection you share.

The first step towards creating your unique legacy gift is connecting with me. It would be an honor to offer you a complimentary meeting to discuss your ideas, goals, and the necessary steps to bring your vision to life. Once we personalize your plan, we will collaborate through in-person or virtual sessions lasting 60 to 90 minutes at a rate of $50 per hour to craft a meaningful and lasting legacy gift.

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I am grateful to Kerri for listening to my heart and leading me through this process. She was patient, empathic, and met me where I was at for communicating my legacy wishes on paper. She encouraged me and helped me to set realistic expectations, giving me options and constructive feedback on how to best convey the message of my heart. She listened to me as the process brought many cleansing tears and celebrated the finished product with me. I never could have done this without her help; God brought her into my life at just the right time to write my legacy letter.

– Marcy