Write your Life

Discover the Power of Your Words

We are all vessels of light. Our beautifully imperfect stories are our greatest gifts and are what make us shine. I know it can feel overwhelming to consider where to begin and what to write.

I am committed to being your guide in this process, and I consider that to be a sacred honor.

Embrace the opportunity to become the author of your life’s message.

Learn more about yourself through self-reflection

Affirm your past and live more purposefully today and in the future

Discover what you value most

Engage more deeply with your life experiences

Deepen connections with others through your words

Be empowered by your story

for individual, personalized support

Write in Community

A reflection of your heart

Join transformative writing workshops where you can reflect deeper on your journey and record what matters most to you. In a structured and supportive environment, create written accounts that become personal treasures and heartfelt gifts. Some communicate in a few inspiring paragraphs; for others it may take a few pages. Using guided exercises, your reflections become helpful integrations into your writing. There is no set standard or formula, and no prior writing experience is needed. We honor one another’s courage for the process and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone’s creation, a reflection of your heart.

Contact me to find out when the next group writing workshop begins.

If you have a group of six or more individuals, an already established community that is interested in exploring the writing process, I would love to discuss how I can provide personalized guidance and support.

Be Inspired.

By Others’ writings

I love to showcase what my clients have written (with their permission of course).

Love, Kerri

I love to write and want to leave a few nuggets here for you from time to time, or you may enjoy exploring my memoir, Invited to More

May you be inspired to write because your life story is a gift.